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Kylee Sands from is a very sexy, blonde housewife. She will stop at nothing to please her audience, and you can tell that she really gets a kick out of that. She loves to perform, whether it is in photographs, or on video. If there's a camera in front of her, this sexy, blonde bombshell really goes wild. This horny milf has no problems showing off her perky breasts, or her wet pussy in front of a camera. She also doesn't mind going outdoors, if you're into that sort of thing.

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The layout on is fairly nice, loads pretty quick, and gets right to the point. As soon as you load her page up, you get an idea of what you're in for almost immediately. Her main page is loaded with pictures that are taken from her latest updates. When you click on a small thumbnail, a much bigger version of that picture will pop up, giving you a great look at this beautiful blonde. Below every set of pictures, there is a lengthy description written by Kylee Sands herself. This horny blonde really gets into her site, and that's not the only written content by Kylee, either. You can find this babe on Twitter, and she also has a blog that she updates twice a week.

Overall, the tour on is put together fairly nicely. However, I found that when you click on the "Continue Free Tour" button that you don't get much more than what you've already seen on the main page. The only difference I could see was the addition of only one more set of pictures that were not listed on the main page.

Now, let's move onto the good stuff, shall we? I'm going to talk about what you can expect to receive if you become a member of First off, this babe has a lot of pictures. When you sign up, you'll gain access to hundreds of high resolution photos of this blonde babe showing off her sexy body. This horny milf isn't afraid to bare it all. She shows off those perfect tits of hers, and you also get a nice look at her tight, shaved pussy. This sexy momma can't keep her hands off of herself, and you'll see that in the Member's Area.

Secondly, you'll get videos of this hottie, which you can also download straight to your computer. I found the videos to load a bit slow, but if you want a better look at Kylee, and her wet pussy, this is how you're going to get it. Kylee also talks to the camera, giving a bit of user-interaction while she rubs her fingers between her juicy pussy lips. If you're a fan of video content, as I know I am; Kylee also does cam shows from time-to-time. This horny babe can't get enough sex, so for a nominal fee; she also offers private cam shows for those members who want to be alone with this sexy blonde.

I must also say that I enjoyed the layout of the member's area. It's straight-forward, and very easy to navigate. In the center of the page, it will show you Kylee's latest videos and photos. On the side-panel, you will also get a sneak peak at some of Kylee's upcoming content that will appear in the member's area soon. However, there was one problem that I encountered with the member's area. Whenever you click on the link for "Bonus Sites" it just loads up a blank page. That was a bit of a bummer, but I was more interested in Kylee Sands.

On a personal note, I found myself really getting into some of this babe's videos. She can get really naughty, very quickly. She even talks to the camera, telling you how she wants to get fucked by your hard cock. This horny blonde is very verbal, and you can tell she's getting off on the fact that there are men around the world masturbating to her. She loves showing off her sexy body, playing with her perky nipples, and then moving down south. You can see her pussy is wet before she even touches it. This sexy blonde is horny, and she wants some hard cock between her swollen pussy lips. She will show off her shaved pussy, just begging for a cock inside of her. She knows that you want to fuck her, and apparently she wants to fuck you too.

Conclusion: is a nice site, great layout, and they update often. However, I did find that the videos did load at poor speeds. By the time you grab some lubricant, and some tissues, you're still going to be waiting. Also, there is a link that supposedly gives you access to some bonus sites, but when clicked, it just takes you to a blank page. Granted, I'm only interested in Kylee, but this is a solo-girl website. If you're not into this chick hardcore, you could become bored, and you won't have any other options once you've signed up. This site focuses on Kylee Sands, and only Kylee Sands. If you want to try this site out, they do offer a nicely priced trial package. For only $2.99 you will gain access to the member's area for two days. There's also the typical 30-day package which is priced at $19.95. Also, there a 90-day package, which you can obtain at a discounted price. For $49.99 you get access to Kylee Sands' member's area for three months. If you're into Kylee and you plan on being a long-term member, this is the package for you. It's always nice to have a trial package on a site, and an extended package. If you want options, offers you a few different ones, and I think we can all dig that. Overall, if you're into this sexy, blonde milf; I say go for it. At least give the trial package a shot. However, you must remember that this site is a solo-girl website. In other words, if you fear that you're going to become bored with Kylee Sands, you're not going to be given any other options. In my opinion, the trial package is a nice membership option to start off with.

Membership cost: $2.99 for 3 days trial access. $19.95 for 30 days full access. $49.99 for 90 days full access.

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